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Marni store Las Vegas by Sybarite

London architects Sybarite have completed the interior of a store in Las Vegas for fashion brand Marni, which features stainless steel rails snaking through the space.

The rails are attached to a cash desk at one end and a fibreglass display stand for shoes at the other, while the grey walls feature convex and concave bubble shapes.

The store has a polished concrete floor with large circular apertures in the ceiling, which are covered by stretchy material and back-lit.

Accessories are displayed in back-lit fibreglass boxes set into the walls.

Here’s some more information from Sybarite:

Sybarite Press Release Text: Project 284 – Marni Las Vegas

Sybarite’s design for the new Marni flagship at the Crystals in Las Vegas was inspired by the image of a cracking whip, seemingly suspended in mid-air as it unfurls. Defining the perimeter, this sinuous ‘lasso’ of stainless steel encircles the boutique, providing hanging space for the RTW collection. At one end it is anchored by the cash and wrap desk, and at the other it morphs into a sculptural wall inset with fibreglass shoe displays.

Painted smooth grey, the curving walls are broken up by an array bubbles in relief – randomly concave and convex, backlit and shadowed – which build up in textural composition. A selection of accessories are displayed in some of the recessed bubbles, enhancing the perception of value and uniqueness. Other sections of the perimeter contain backlit fibreglass display boxes and scattered throughout are suspended mannequin pieces in a mix of natural fibreglass and pearlescent purple lacquer, a new finish inspired by Marni’s latest accessories collection. Beyond the walls is space for fitting rooms, stock room and office.

Freestanding elliptical display tables, also in pearlescent purple, offer additional display surfaces and clusters of white PVC stools and soft grey wool rugs provide comfy seating. In the ceiling, giant Barrisol discs echo the bubble motif of the walls and cast soft diffuse light, while the polished concrete floor provides a clean backdrop. Similarly, the exterior treatment is minimalist. Rather than a conventional window display, a simple glass facade with a few hanging mannequins allows a clear view into the shop, putting the collection centre-stage to draw the attention of traffic from the busy escalators nearby.

Shop address: The Crystals, Las Vegas
Client: Marni, Milan, Italy (Consuelo & Gianni Castiglioni)
Architect: Sybarite, London, UK (Simon Mitchell, Torquil McIntosh, Giorgia Cannici)
Site Architect: Creative Design Architecture, Las Vegas (Rami Atout)
Main Contractor: Modus srl, Italy (Massimiliano Tiezzi)
Specialist Contractor: Soozar, Shanghai, China (Susan Heffernan, Doukee Wang)
Shop Area: 220 m²



The Bellows Collection by Toan Nguyen

Toan Nguyen has designed the Bellows stool and side table for Walter Knoll.

Description from Walter Knoll:

Innovative design has the courage to give shape to unusual ideas. The Bellows Collection is an example of this. Stool and occasional table are surprising to the eye and play with our expectations. The leather is gathered in soft, sturdy folds. And then it stretches. Bellows changes its height. In an uncomplicated way with just a single movement. The ring-shaped trigger for adjusting the height is concealed in the seat. The collection particularly likes to show its expressive character as a twosome, in a group or as an addition to a sofa.



Stratospheric by Fletcher Vaughan

New Zealand designer Fletcher Vaughan has shared some photos with us of the Stratospheric sculpture he created for the Brick Bay Sculpture Trail in Matakana, New Zealand.



A paradise in Mykonos // FOR SALE

There are some summer houses that stay in your mind indefinitely. Luxurious, lounging and glamorous houses like the famous set of Diannne Keaton’s Hampton House in ‘Something’s Gotta Give’, houses that give their owner status and prestige solely from a simple glance. We discovered a summer heaven  such as this in our much beloved Mykonos Island, in Greece. Situated in Kanalia an exclusive residential and private part of the island, it is a 200sqm gem that as soon as you step on the premises you feel that you are part of a more unique/boutiesque like lifestyle.

The structure has been designed around the 1 hectare site to retain, respect and compliment the surrounding architecture. Typical circular orders, wooden shutters, canopies with fluid fabrics are just few of the elements that make this house the summer unique.

The exterior pool, dining area and the multiple living spaces greet you upon arrival. This vast open space makes you create scenarios in your head of glorious cocktail parties or friends with children and dogs running around the grounds all day filling it with life and laughter. The most important element from all of this, is grasped in your sight as soon as you turn your back to the residence and look out to the breath taking view which travels you as far as your eyes can see.  One of the many built in lounge areas designed at the front of the site invites you to lounge, take your thoughts emotions and beliefs share them with the big blue and travel miles and miles away from reality.

Within the comfortable, generous and stylish interiors lays the ultimate summer experience. Upon entrance from the glorious glazed detail entrance door lays the primary living room. A space of natural brightness and comfort, which is cleverly, arranged around the built in fireplace for those winter romantic weekends or the sweet September rains. This space is both casual and formal fitting for all occasions. A family lounging around the sofas after a day in the sun, or dinner guests sipping wine before moving on to the dining table for dinner.

The dining area is dominant and majestic with sculptural light pendants and over scaled mirrors of great wooden detailing.  We can imagine the fun conversations, the ongoing enjoyable laughter accompanied by summer cool alcohol going around in one of the many dinner get togethers. The exposed stone walls which are present throughout the interior brings the outside in and never lets you forget were you are. The second living room has French balcony doors that invite you to take one step and be by the pool, or sit by the built in sofa with the doors open admiring the views.

The open plan kitchen is generous and spacious with yet another table sitting area and yet another fireplace in the rear stone cave space. This is the ultimate family summer kitchen. Mum cooking children running around the island trying to reach the cookies and dad sitting on the sofa reading his paper and enjoying breakfast. In general this residence has been designed to be able to accommodate multi purpose uses.

The upper level consists of the 4 ensuite main bedrooms (leaving one more bedroom on the ground floor). The bedrooms are decorated with a more transitional bespoke element.  Striped fabric curtains with hanging crystal wall sconces and wooden headboards. All bedrooms have details such as glazed cupboards, built in stepped upper beds or a fabric sky ceiling on top of the beds dropped around at night. These fixtures make each one unique and one of its kind. Of course one of our favorite features is the view from the master balcony. Once you open your eyes you see the never ending blue and you get up to your coffee that awaited you on your private quite time appreciated before the day begins.

Another flexible and multi purpose design element of this house is the additional independent guest house (images above), situated at the front part of the site. This detached sole guest house is the perfect space to feel independent as a guest. With a cozy living room kitchenette, bathroom and bedroom the owner is definitely a host that knows about entertaining and keeping the guests in the outmost high standard.

This whole project was successfully designed to accommodate an all purpose use house which is exactly what is the main brief for 90% of the summer houses but few achieve it.  A residence which can be occupied by a family or a bachelor to accommodate his friends, a house were there is enough space either for parties or children to enjoy the outdoors, a house that you can be invited to and you know that you will never turn down the invitation of having your personal and comfortable quarters.

This residence offers a beautiful lifestyle which we always love to experience and now as we found out a new owner will have the opportunity to be part of this. While we were preparing the presentation for this launch we had a brief interview with the owner who informed us that the residence is as of recently officially ON THE MARKET. That made us a bit hesitant as we knew that as word got out many of the interested parties would contact us for details. After a short deliberation we reached to the following conclusion, as we did not want to deprive the Yatzer readers from this residence due to this clause.


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