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Elmoto HR-2 Electric Bike

It's only inevitable that fuel prices will soar once again and with the world going 'Green' many companies are coming up with innovative technologies to help. A new transportation design was introduced last year at the International Bike Trade Show (IFMA) in Cologne, Germany and it's called the ELMOTO HR-2.

The ELMOTO HR-2 is a light electric vehicle that looks like a bike and operates like an electric scooter. College kids all over the world will want one of these. The ELMOTO also known as the E-Bike runs on a battery that can last for up to 45 miles (70km) with a top speed of 30 mph. The cost of fuel in Europe is a big problem and the demand for scooters is always high. Having the ELMOTO HR-2 will allow users to commute cost efficiently without having to pay for fuel and without contributing to pollution all over the city. The ELMOTO HR-2 would also benefit nations in Asia or where there are a high number of people driving vehicles. Although the bike would not be legal to drive on the streets in the United States in direct traffic, it would be used more for sidewalk and shoulder use. The trendy design of the ELMOTO HR-2 also gives riders the look of being stylish unlike the classic moped or the early 90's scooter design.

The ELMOTO HR-2 was built with an aluminum frame and weighs in at less than 100lbs. The 1.7kW motor boasts about 33 lb-ft of torque and is considered very low maintenance. When you're ready to recharge, the lithium battery packs take about two hours to fully recharge and only costs about .70 cents on your electric bill. Another great feature of the ELMOTO HR-2 is the instrument panel. The instrument panel tracks your speed, battery capacity, and your remaining distance until you need to recharge. The rear of the ELMOTO HR-2 is supported by two oil spring shocks and eased with Marzocchi 888 suspenders in the front, making your adventure a smooth one. The ELMOTO HR-2 comes equipped with hydraulic disc brakes and 24 inch wheels.


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