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Japanese Ofuro Soaking Bath Tub by Rapsel

With a comfortable, uncontrived, country-chic look and feel, the Japanese Ofuro soaking bath tub from Italian company Rapsel is a "natural" winner in top bath designs. Created by designer Matteo Thun, the unusual soaking tub is made entirely of larch wood (even the plug!) which is thoroughly dried, then cut, shaped and assembled. The finish is natural, to show off the beautiful, unblemished wood grain. Getting back to basics, this pared-down bathtub design boasts a simple shape that’s deep enough to totally submerge yourself in the water’s warm embrace. Inspired by traditional Japanese tubs, this would make a great addition to minimalist bathrooms and Zen-inspired designs. Sink into Ofuro ’s welcoming, woody comfort and soak away the cares of the day. For more information, check out Rapsel.


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