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The ARMOURY of Sruli Recht

Poetry lies within his words in his description of himself and his culture whereas a creative idiocracy characterizes his work. A creator that manages to give while simultaneously take qualities, between himself and his creations.Yatzer is content to present Sruli Recht: a designer certainly worth knowing about.

Sruli Recht, born in Jerusalem, Israel in 1979 and being a citizen of Australia where he lived and worked for many years, he is now based in Reykjavik of Iceland. He studied Fashion Design at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia where he subsequently commenced and developed his career primarily as a experimental fashion designer, whereas he then moved on to other forms of design through which he could channel his natural artistic spirit.

For Recht design is not just about making a beautiful object – his conceptions are based upon resonance of process – ‘Its about making things that people didn’t know they needed, but now cant live without’ – perhaps because they are functional, perhaps because they look nice, but mostly because they provide them with a new way of experiencing things in life. It is about making the aesthetic and functional qualities integral parts of our lives.

Akedat Yitzchak  // The Binding Of Isaac // SR117 // A four-cornered shawl of German flannel, dyed twice with the blood of a ram and left to cure for ten months.  The hand-sewn binding is resurrected golden military dead-stock satin, and has twined and knotted tzitzit [tassels] attached to its four corners with 613 tight knots. Shot by Marino Thorlacius in Iceland.  Isaac in this image is portrayed by Arash Afrazadeh.

Sruli Recht’s scope of work encompasses today various forms of design whereas it has attracted awards and partnerships with mega-names such as Alexander McQueen for whom he contributes as pattern-cutter and show piece maker for the brand’s fashion collections .Besides this, during the past eight years Recht is splitting himself among Film and Video installation costume, R&D of high-tech fabrics, creative direction and consultancy for fashion labels in Austalia and Iceland as also as numerous Made to Measure design projects.

The Armoury is a concept store situated in retrofitted location of the abandoned fisheries of Reykjavik’s Fishpacking district (Iceland). This remote location was picked intentionally so as to control the customer traffic and be able to offer one –to one customer service.

The Armoury’s merchandise carries Sruli Recht’s monthly ‘Non-Products’ – a growing collection of items caught somewhere throughout product design, weapons manufacturing, worn away tailoring and shoe making processes.
Every month a new product is being presented in the store ranging from umbrellas to bulletproof scarves, tables, bags to belts and boots, and incorporating such materials as concrete, diamonds, skin and wool. The store also carries Megan Herbert’s illustrations and lately his very interesting work on wrapping papers.

Wrapping paper collection // Each design represents elements we all as human beings share – the blood coursing through our veins (‘Circulation’), the bones helping us to stand strong (‘Skeletal’), the food that nourishes us (‘Digestion’), the air filling our lungs (‘Respiration’), and the traditions that shape our history (‘Snowflakes’).  // This limited edition collection is designed and printed in Iceland.

Regarding the interior making of the store – directed by Recht, all pieces used in putting the Armoury together were collected from the store’s now abandoned surroundings, creating installations made of weather worn-shipping palettes, wood scaffolding, old metal frames and other objects that create the atmosphere of a story being told. – a remembrance of the past – a filtered reflection of the surrounding environment.

As you strip away the former layers of the room its beautiful structure and colossal concrete beams emerge and become the grand highlights that define the space.
The high walls are lined with a patterned corrugated cardboard whereas old crucifix-shaped timber girders are hidden above the floating ceiling to support the structure from which the lighting is suspended.

The VOPNABÚRIÐ sign is made from discarded roofing sheets and is cut to shape with a water jet, and to create the colour of the floor mixed a shade somewhere between blood and rust - an overall theme and tone for the store.

A taste of Sruli Recht’s Folio…

R¿ING / SR118 // This comprises the latest of Recht’s projects presented on December 2009. This project points up the designer’s progress through time through improved creations. The ring carries a 10carat white gold Möbius band with a hand tapped 16gauge internal [female] thread. The 6.86 carat total weight split in three different diamonds [Black 3.53ct / White 1.88ct / Yellow 1.44ct] is kept in a hand painted box.

The ring has been produced in cooperation with This Charming Man's Edward Janssen whereas its box has been designed by Snorri Mar Snorrason.

THE CARBON DATER / SR119 // This is a black diamond- tipped pen used for writing and illustrating into glass. The pen carries a .30 carat black diamond set in milled brass claw, fixed to a hand-tooled lazer-engraved inanimate carbon rod, presented in an inked 304-piece hinged cardboard box. Price for such masterpieces is, as we guess, available upon request.

WALLET – HORSE / SR202 //  A single piece leather wallet, laser cut from Icelandic horseskin, folded into shape and hand tethered with black oxidized rivets. The veil of each horse has a unique texture, ranging from a smooth to a wrinkled, stiff or soft hide.  No two horses therefore no to wallets are the same.
Horseskin wallet is offered in black sable, dark as Icelandic winter, and a Rose Grey natural undyed skin. Personalised hot name branding is optional and inclusive.


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