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Delfin-Postigo house welcomes 2010

We wanted to commence 2010 with a residence encompassing a strong unique quality in both the design and the aesthetic domain. A residence capturing the meaning of essence and symbolism.  As we always aim to please (never giving up until we reach perfection) our search was successfully over when we came across the Delfin & Postigo house.  This project is the epitome of our vision and we are proud to present it as our first residential project of this year.

Sexy, Sex, Kinky, Nudity, S&M, Naked, Truth, No Boundaries, Raw, Simplicity. Everything that these words entail, describe and symbolize is the essence of this residence in Madrid were the Spanish duo, fashion designer David Delfin and photographer Gorka Postigo reside. The marriage of these two individuals under one roof is the epitome of sexual elegance. David Delfin is famous for designing garments which extenuate the body giving femininity and sex -appeal for his fashion brand davidelfin. Gorka Postigo is an architect (AKAstudio) turned photographer whose work is expressed through the exploration of nudity and emotions through the human existence.

Their residence may be perceived as offensive or censored to certain ages by some, but to us it is honest and artistic. Expression of a certain life style is as mandatory and healthy as expression of speech. The minute you enter this house you appreciate that its owners are comfortable with who they are and express it with no inhibitions.  The combination of the photographic art works together with the 1940’s - 1960’s furniture items create a language that expresses a historical modernity combined with the sexual frustration of the present.

The pure white floor and walls express a naiveté and purity which control the dynamism of the artworks. Artworks by famous photographers & artists such as Juergen Teller, Diane Arbus, Wolfgang Tillmans, Juan Gatti and of course Gorka Postigo. This is maintained throughout the residence retaining the strong symbolism through the decorative elements. On the ground floor there is simplicity to all the living room furniture which contrasts with the bench like coffee table. The leather upholstery on the robust bulk frame gives a kinky element to the bench which contrasts with the surroundings.

These quirks exist throughout the residence with a prime example being the dining chairs. Famous for their leather detailing in this residence there is an S&M appeal to them which almost make you want to climb on the table and be adored under the lights while having an audience facing you from the artworks. The decorative lighting in this residence plays an important role to the artistic and retro contribution. The floor lamps act as sculptural elements and the ceiling pendants are dominant to the space hanging from the mezzanine ceiling. One of the great features of this residence is the detailed artistic elements of the furniture. Elements such as the handles of the cabinet module and the storage compartments of the console table highlighting the strong presence of the 60’s.

On the mezzanine level everything is exposed. No restraints no secrets no taboos.  The cupboard unit acts as a divider between the master bedroom and bathroom and that’s all there is. The continuity of the simplistic design and finish in the cupboard, library and low cabinet expresses a unity and rawness to the upper level.  The unity is carried forward by designing all wooden elements out of adecul.  This finish is treated as the strongest element on the upper level.

The bathroom carries on this language with dominant white tiles and a gray walk in shower. What you see (and we want you to see) is what you get. Stepping out we have our masters design Jean Prouve. Delicate, elegant sexy. The bedroom of course is anything but. The strongest element in this house is in this bedroom. A photograph that has a great impact and even greater dynamic language. The shuttered glass symbolizing the epitome of sentimental pain rests behind the sexual pleasures that are succumbed to from the hanging rope. A symbolism of sexual or sentimental pain? Of course this is more dominant due to the wooden monasterial design shaped bed situated against a pure naïve white backdrop.


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