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A 30th Century Shape of Earth

Consider for a moment if you will, the shape of the world today. Think about what we humans have done to the world, think of all the concrete! If you’ve seen the specials on tv or read the book I’m thinking of, you know that once we leave earth, mother nature WILL take it back. But what about us? We’ve got to go on! And so! Yoo Jaechang has an idea for us. An idea in the form of a globe!

This right here is mostly an experiment in form. It’s a lovely globe, constructed in 3D using a rapid-prototyping printer (you MUST look this up if you don’t know about the possibilities.) In the center is the main hub, along the rings in the inside are the buildings where everyone resides.

Maybe a business globe?

Maybe a residence globe?

I’d put it in Star Wars episode 7. Reducing and re-administering the Death Star plans for the greater good of the galaxy.


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