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Olivier Kosta-Thefaine and his magic lighter

As a suburban kid I always had an idealized vision of big city life, and sometimes the fantastic view one has about some certain distant things can be even more beautiful and fascinating than reality itself. Life in the suburbs is totally different, it has its own special codes, but often it can be the source of a striking inspiration, the perfect antidote to a sometimes suffocating environment. Then one grows up and finds out that the distance between things is inexistent and everything is connected in the end Although this doesn’t mean that reaching an ideal cannot be totally creative.

This is the case of Olivier Kosta-Théfaine. Living and inspired by the underground, he is a suburban kid that is totally in love with street culture and he uses it as the main element for his creations. Born in 1972, Olivier lives and works in Paris. He still maintains a romantic feeling about the everyday life in the suburbs and his view is poetic and groundbreaking. Glam and pop, loneliness and group codes, fashion aesthetics, street poetry, small urban details the can be transformed into something new, all form part of his universe. A universe that aims to use the language of the city and its suburbs in a modified personal way so as it can be understood by a broader public. Olivier knows how to communicate with the spectator in an effortless way, although one can easily find out that every detail in his work has a reason that is hidden behind it.


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