SENTIENT live edge dining table

Emmanuel Babled for Priveekollektie

French designer Emmanuel Babled will exhibit a collection of lighting and furniture at Design Miami next month.

The collection includes a limited-edition series of asymmetrical lamps, called Digit (above), which are hand-blown in Murano.

Other products on show will include Sunshare (below), a seat made of Carrara marble, and an LED lamp called Altair (above).

The collection will be exhibited by Priveekollektie of Heusden aan de Maas in the Netherlands.

Above: Quark Table.

Design Miami takes place 1-5 December.

Here’s some text from the gallery:

From the 1st till the 5th of December 2009 Priveekollektie will join Design Miami, U.S.A. for the second time. During this renowned show the gallery will present new work of Emmanuel Babled, among others.

The originally French designer Emmanuel Babled (1967) lives in Milan and is a guest teacher at Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands. During Design Miami several chandeliers and a floor lamp from Emmanuel Babled’s ‘Digit’ series will be shown as an installation of light in Booth # 3 of Priveekollektie. These hand blown light objects are made by the glassmakers of Murano in limited edition. The asymmetrical forms of these chandeliers are in contrast with the symmetrical forms that traditionally appear in chandeliers from Murano. For this special occasion a new dark grey colour version will be introduced.

Another brand new lamp called ‘Altair’, as a part of the collection Satelight to be introduced in 2010, will also be presented by Priveekollektie for the first time at Design Miami. Acrylic is applied three-dimensionally with computer-aided design and manufacturing programs, led light provides color and emphasizes effects of transparency and opacity.

Priveekollektie will also present ‘Quark Table’, a table made of plexi, and ‘Sunshare’, a chair made of Carrara marble. The ‘Quark Table’ is a low coffee table, consisting of organic and fluid forms. To make this design Babled used modern technology, such as an anthropomorphic robot. Also ‘Sunshare’, made of the classical material marble, is created with the use of innovative computer programs. Babled gave the heavy material a contrasting movement and fluidity of form.

Babled’s concept and signature style is a contemporary mix between craft / handmade using traditional techniques with high performance technological tools…to give new freedom and lightness to shape and project approach.


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