SENTIENT live edge dining table

Skateboard Deck Chair for the Old or Fantastic

If you’re a crazed art collector with little to no cash, you are a paradoxical sort of person. If you collect “street art”, you’ve got two options: pay the toll, or find it on “lesser” canvases. One of the more odd to display products in this category is the skateboard deck. Guess who’s got your back?

The design team at Tunto.

Explaining the title: this deck chair is not for the elderly! What I mean is that you’ve got a couple great options for this deck chair since you have the option of buying it without a deck included. You’ve got the fantastic decks (as mentioned above) that you want to display for their designed beauty. Then you’ve got the cracked, scraped, and destroyed decks that you’ve used: an opportunity for the deck to continue being useful while displaying your hardcore street skating, deck destroying ways.

Also for the offices of the designers of the boards in the preview pics, CTRL Clothing.


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