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To Relax, Climb A Wall

Now that’s some sound advice! Most often folks depend on power-naps, yoga and stretching to combat stress in office. Here’s a look at an innovative way that combines “active rest with physical stretching of the entire body.” Just flip around this extraordinary Vitra Whiteboard to indulge in an impromptu session of wall climbing. The awesomeness doesn’t end here; this “man-made, movable climbing wall” is meant for the entire office staff. Individual stats and levels for difficulty can be maintained coz the system hooks up to a comp.

Let’s skim over the details a bit.

- Each employee gets his own access card that he uses to operate and store personal stats on.
- The climbing section of the exercise apparatus is capable of being tilted to various angles adding to the level of climbing difficulty.
- You are expected to stay on the wall for as long as possible, reaching for the individual grasping handles that are spaced out unevenly as you continuously move on a mobile belt.
- Beginner with no previous climbing experience can opt for the easy programs where as the pros can opt for the overhang or a ceiling challenge.
- On the back wall, there is a white magnetic board integrated.

What’s it made of:

- The entire Wall is constructed of various parts.
- The stand features an inbuilt touch control screen.
- The frame of the stand is constructed of hidden, weight bearing steel and is covered by plastic sheeting.
- At the bottom of the stand, there is space for fitting in the included safety mattresses which can be tucked away when one wants to use the Whiteboard.
- The stand is fitted with a power cable and a network cable.
- The mattress is manufactured from a special foam material, which acts as a shock absorbent during a fall and is capable of retaining shape.
- The wall is secured to the stand by means of two plugs and the two electromotor located inside the stand allows for the entire wall to incline to different degree angles, ranging from -90° to +90°.

How It works:

- The climbing wall has 8 inbuilt movable belts onto which grasping handles are secured using nuts and bolts.
- The belts are independent of each other and their directional movement and speed is controlled by a software program.
- To increase the levels of difficulty of the climb, one can alter and use different shapes for grasps while climbing.
- The climbing wall hooks up to the computer network system where every office employee is able to view the availability of use of the exercise apparatus or make reservations.
- For motivational purposes, each level is graphically represented. For instance, strolling through a forest (beginning level) to reaching the peak of snowy mountains (advanced level).


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