SENTIENT live edge dining table

'in the dark' by tom paul carey and sean chilvers

the walls of the room are wallpapered in exposed photo paper
image courtesy of tom carey and sean chilvers

'in the dark' is a life size camera obscura by tom carey and sean chilvers.
the two blackened out an entire bedroom, leaving just a small hole open -
a pinhole camera within a room. keeping the hole covered, they lined the room with
photographic paper and then opened the hole, exposing the paper for three minutes.
images of the street outside were projected onto the walls of the room in this time.
they then sealed and developed the paper in the dark room and hung it back up
in its original place. the result is a wallpaper of the exterior environment on the interior.
the title and the process of the work responds directly to the title, 'in the dark'.

houses across the street are captured on the photo paper
image courtesy of tom carey and sean chilvers

the outside reflected on the inside
image courtesy of tom carey and sean chilvers
image courtesy of tom carey and sean chilvers


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