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Finger Fatigue No More

Years of writing and drawing have left a small hard callus right on the first knuckle joint of my middle finger. I can’t help it. I’m just heavy handed. It irks me enough that I partake in manicures and paraffin waxes just to soften it. Emma is a little accessory that protects your hand and secures the pencil into an ergonomic position. Wish I had this!

Emma is designed to make your fingers feel comfortable by improving blood circulation, preventing ulcers and reducing hand fatigue as much as possible during periods of consecutive writing. It also helps with new writers as it ergonomically instructs how to properly hold a writing tool. The elderly can also benefit, allowing them to write for longer periods more comfortably.

To ensure softness the product is made from high grade silicone and in a variety of colors, one for almost everyday of the week!

Sky blue: Monday
Start the week with clean and clear skies.

Yellow: Tuesday
Enjoy the view of yellow flowers on Tuesday.

Pink: Wednesday
Enjoy a pink love feeling on Wednesday.

Light Green: Thursday
Concern for the environment on Thursday.

Black: Friday
Watching the stars on a crisp Friday night.

Designer: Gyu-Ryung Park


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