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Big Ears Has Its Advantages

Will you think less of me if I confess that even at my age I find cartoons and children’s programs adorable? I mean, why is that grownups have to be judgmental and scorn Mr. Bean or scoff at Tom & Jerry? Why can’t we be as easygoing as innocent children? For example I can literally visualize many of you going “Tch Tch, why is this Shrek MP3 player here? This ain’t a toy store!” FYI, it’s here coz many well known MP3 manufacturers ignore something as vital as earphone management while designing their players.

The childish (yet cute!) player puts retractable earphones in the ogre’s ears. Here is a prime example of how a one can twist the odd shape of Disney’s bane into something constructive.

Designer: Sang-hoon Lee


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