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Spinning Light by Benjamin Hubert for Unique Copenhagen

London Design Festival 09: designer Benjamin Hubert is presenting a second collection of lamps for Danish brand Unique Copenhagen at 100% Design, which opens today.

The collection, called Spinning Light, is made of spun aluminium shades with injection-moulded PVC fittings.

The pieces aim to resemble spinning-top toys. The lacquered finish is available in black, white and purple.

Here’s some text from Hubert:

Spinning Light, a collaboration with Scandinavian lighting manufacturers
Unique Copenhagen.

Spinning Lights are inspired by the process of metal spinning and intend to emphasise this technique, utilising aesthetic references to toy spinning tops. The lamps consist of a lacquered spun aluminium shade, counterbalanced with an injection moulded PVC fitting to extend the transition between shade
and cable.

Spinning Light Specification
Large Ø 400mm, Small Ø 240mm
Spun aluminium with gloss lacquered exterior finish in purple, black or white


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