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The Lexus LFA: a Genuine Japanese Supercar

You'd figure it might take a while to sell a quantity of $400,000 sports cars, but then you'd be underestimating how much Japan's wealthy elite has been anticipating a supercar to call their own. The Acura NSX was the first and last genuine supercar to hail from the Land of the Rising Sun, but even that pales in comparison to the Lexus LFA.

Only 500 examples of the exotic Toyota will be made, with 165 earmarked for the Japanese domestic market, 150 for North America and the remaining 185 heading to Europe and other markets. And already Japan has pre-sold its allotment, with all 165 examples having been spoken for only three months since its unveiling. We knew the LFA was fast, but we didn't expect it to sell out quite that fast


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