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Hot Tea Magic

For when you’ve got no boiling water sitting around, and no lightsaber on hand, you’ve got the “Hot-T Wand.” Yes! All of life’s greatest solutions ARE wand-based. You betcha! Faster than the ol’ HP can whip up a tea-time heat’em’up spell, you’ve got hot water. It heats only the amount of water you need, and it’s got mega-safety measures, like a water sensor to prevent foolish flailings about and whatnot.

Do you suppose it helps business with those who wish to be modernistic when you’ve got a business called “Minimal Incorporated?” I think so. Tea time. The water sensor is neat, right? It only gets hot when it hits the water. But then what happens when you pull it out? It’s got a perforated heat cover, of course!

There’s little to no chance of electrocution because of the Hot-T’s wireless nature. Then on top of that, it’s got a long life due to its “ultracapacitor energy storage technology.”



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