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Selected Works by Harri Koskinen

Finnish designer Harri Koskinen will present a selection of new and recent work at the Habitare 09 fair in Helsinki next month. Koskinen’s Selected Works, which will be presented at the fair’s Ahead! design area, includes a sofa bed called Sofabed (above and top), a shelf system called Shelfsystem, a light called Foldedlight and a table-cum-bench called Tablebench.Above and below: Sofabed is a three-seater measuring 240cm by 110cm, and the back can be folded down to turn it into a double bed. The back can be removed and used as a separate mattress to sleep 4 people.The solid-oak, modular Shelfsystem (below) uses a standard width and depth of 240cm by 46cm where the height can be varied by adding or removing units according to need.Tablebench (below) is made of oak, comes in two sizes, and can be used as a side table or a bench for sitting on.Foldedlight (below) is a table lamp made from a single sheet of folded steel.Here’s some text from Koskinen and details about the show:–Habitare 09, Ahead! design areaHelsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre, 9 – 13 September 2009Hall 5, stand 5A21The designer Harri Koskinenʼs personal collection Selected Works will see its Finnish launch at the Ahead! design areaof the Habitare fair. The collection will be displayed by its Helsinki-based manufacturer, Bergen Design, whose stand isalso designed by Koskinen.Meet the designer at the stand 5A21:Wednesday 9 Sep, from 10am to 12amThursday 10 Sep, from 10am to 12amThe Harri Koskinen Works collection was presented for the first time at the Milan international furniture fair 2009 last April at the Galleria Corsoveneziaottossa. Harri Koskinen says he designed the collection in response to the high level of demand for his exhibition pieces. All of the products in the collection are produced in Finland. All items can be purchased from the online shop at Harri Koskinen’s website.The first four products to be presented will be Sofabed, Shelfsystem, Foldedlight and Tablebench.SofabedThe Sofabed is a solid, sturdy, and clean-lined piece of furniture measuring 240 x 110 cm. A three-seater design, it isupholstered throughout and features a wooden frame and legs. The armrests provide good support when it is neededand bring a relaxed touch as well, while the back is wide enough to accommodate a tray or a laptop.The Sofabed can easily be opened out into a double bed by folding the back over the seat. The back can also be lifted off completely and opened up as a mattress on the floor, to provide bedding for four. The Sofabed was originally designed in 2000. Updated version was introduced in Milan in April 2009. Retail price starting 3.800 euros depending on fabric and market.ShelfsystemKoskinenʼs Shelfsystem is a modular design for the home or the office. The solid oak shelves rest on acrylic supports, creating a sense of airiness and the illusion that the shelves are almost resting on thin air. Koskinen explains that he wanted to create a system that focused on the shelves, with the transparent supports very much taking the back seat. Shelfsystemʼs three-shelf unit is 240 cm long, 46 cm deep, and 96 cm high. While the width and depth of the shelves are standard, the height can be varied by adding or removing shelves. A high unit can be used as a room divider, for example.Prototypes of the Sofabed and Shelfsystem were shown at the Issey Miyake Gallery in 2000 in Tokyo, and in Berlin in 2002 and 2009. Both products are manufactured by Bergen Oy in Helsinki. Retail price with three shelves approx. 3.720 euros depending on market.TablebenchTablebench is a bench-like sidetable made of oak. The lightweight yet solid piece of furniture can be used in severalways. Tablebench comes in two sizes: H350 x W1200 x D350 mm and H400 x W600 x D350 mm. The product is manufactured in Helsinki by Bergen Oy. Koskinen designed the Tablebench in 2009 and it was presented for the very first time in Milan. Retail prices approx (depending on market): H350 x W1200 x D350 mm, 380 eurosH400 x W600 x D350 mm, 340 eurosFoldedlightThe Foldedlight is a metal-bodied table lamp and available in a range of colours. The design provides a stage for the light to be reflected off a coloured surface. Suitable for use on a surface, the floor, or hung on the wall, the Foldedlight is produced from a single sheet of steel. The product is manufactured in Järvenpää and assembled in Helsinki. Koskinen designed the Foldedlight in 2008. Retail price approx. 360 euros depending on


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