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Regent’s Place Pavilion by Carmody Groarke

London architects Carmody Groarke have completed a pavilion in London featuring a steel plate supported eight meters above the ground on thin poles.

Called Regent’s Place Pavilion, the three milimetre-thick steel plate is attached atop the posts by a decorative structural lattice.

The density of posts under the canopy varies, leaving a central clearing open to the sky.

LED lights embedded in the cobbles below bathe the pavilion in golden light at night.

The project was the result of a competition organised by The Architecture Foundation in 2007.

Photographs are by Luke Hayes.

Here’s some more information from Carmody Groarke:

Carmody Groarke’s Regent’s Place Pavilion is completed

A new pavilion in British Land’s Regent’s Place development opens this week. Designed by Carmody Groarke, the Regent’s Place Pavilion was the result of a competition run by The Architecture Foundation in 2007. The original competition brief called for a new pavilion to mark the Osnaburgh Street entrance to Regent’s Place, that enriches and activates the public open space at street level. Carmody Groarke’s winning concept for the pavilion, presents a pavilion as an open field of slender columns which supports a canopy eight metres above the landscape of the street.

Visible from Euston Road, the pavilion reveals various clustered densities of the vertical columns beneath its canopy, that shimmer in sunlight by day and contain intense projected ‘gold’ light by night, generating a visual moiré effect for passers-by. Its dramatic form is visible from approaching each end of Triton Street intensifing the experience of movement between 10 and 20 Triton Street, two newly-developed office buildings at the Western entrance to British Land’s Regent’s Place. The pavilion’s design has been the product of a architectural / engineering collaboration between Arup and Carmody Groarke. Holding the 3mm plate stainless steel canopy aloft 8m, extremely slender vertical elements stand without any cross-bracing, joined only at the top with a decorative structural lattice. Extensive testing of prototypes was undertaken on full size mock-ups at the Building Research Establishment as part of the design development process.

The pavilion forms a lightweight counterpoint to the architecture of the public colonnades flanking each side of the street, relating architecturally to the height of these adjacent structures, but also inviting views across the street from one side to the other. The grain of the pavilion, from the form of the lozenge shaped canopy to the alignment of the columns in their surrounding green-granite cobbled landscape base, is turned 45 degrees to its context to form a dynamic relationship between the buildings and the public realm. Amongst the field of elements, bespoke LED lighting is set into the pattern of the cobbled surface to up-light the pavilion’s canopy, providing all the ambient external lighting to this end of Regent’s Place.

The creation of this new ornamental pavilion within Regent’s Place, examines how the public space is defined without enclosing it. It is the latest addition to the collection of public artworks and installations at Regent’s Place, which already features works by Antony Gormley, Ben Langlands & Nikki Bell, Liam Gillick and Edward Hodges Baily.

Client: British Land Project
Manager: M3 Consulting
Architects: Carmody Groarke
Engineering: Arup
Landscape Architecture: EDCO
Lighting design: Maurice Brill
Lighting Design Contractor: BOVIS
Sub Contractor: Skanska Specialist
Sub contractors: Sheetfabs, Nottingham



Saucer by Eric Degenhardt for Schönbuch

Cologne 2010: designer Eric Degenhardt of Cologne has designed a coat hook for German manufacturer Schönbuch that incorporates a tray for smaller items such as keys.

Called saucer, the product was launched at imm Cologne in Germany last week.

The hook is made of a bent wire rod with a thin metal plate on top.

The following text is from Degenhardt:

Saucer by Colgne-based architect and industrial designer Eric Degenhardt – the new simple coat hook has been launched at the imm cologne 2010 – by German manufacturer Schönbuch who specialises in functional furniture for hallways.

The bent wire rod hook works with and without coat hangers or cambrels. The sharp bent loop allows even storing rackets and umbrellas. A hovering saucer-like thin metal plate works as key or cap rest. The matte powder coated hook comes in different colours.



House in Pozuelo de Alarcón by A-cero Architects

A-cero Architects designed the house in Pozuelo de Alarcón, in Madrid, Spain.

Full description after the photos….

The house is hided behind a harmonious sculptural set of curved walls made of stone dark granite and marble travertino that seem to emerge from a big water plate arranged in the house entry.

In addition to the beauty of this structure, it offers a high grade of privacy and tact between the exterior (street) and the house.  Other more, this structure goes to the back part, as a front, where is a natural, clear and kind scenery.

This block disposition and the house plot (a descending slope towards a lake) are used to distribute the house in two plants: a high floor, with exterior access, and a low floor. Both of them are looking to a wide terrace with a pergola and to the garden house.

In the high plant, we find a very wide and luminous hall provided with natural light for top skylights, and with two plates of waters dominated by two bronze lions. In addition it is used to lead to the kitchen, wine vault, dining room, lounge, office – library, and to the most private area: the principal bedroom, dressing-room, bath, interior swimming pool and small gymnasium. Also we find the stairs that descend to the low floor where there are a games lounge and a movies room, kids and guests bedrooms and the service area with two bedrooms in suite and with a wide area for the housework. All the house rooms are provided with wide large windows in a dark safety glass. These windows (that also works as doors) and a lot of house elements are completely computerized and motorized: lighting, safety, blinds, air conditioning … everything is centralized.

The high floor communicates with a terrace. In the lounge the access to outside is made by a long large window that provides a continuity sensation from the interior space to outside.

This terrace is covered by a pergola made of an aluminium structure that supports the sculptural premeditation of the building. In one of the side parts of the garden, there is a relaxation area with a pond of Buddhist inspiration.

Photographer: Ferran Silva (A-cero)



Ligne Roset at the Maison & Objet Show in Paris

International contemporary furniture brand Ligne Roset, recently exhibited their new pieces at the Maison & Objet show in Paris. Here are some photos from the show:


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